Nellie’s Eggs Gets Brand Messaging

When was the last time you were struck by compelling, creative brand messaging on an egg carton?

Don’t you just love this?

Scratch a little deeper in the chicken pen, and you’ll see that this brand is the real deal. They understand one of the most important principles of brand: that “a brand is an experience living at the intersection of promise and expectation.”

Just look at the wording of the mission statement, clearly visible on their website:

Our Mission:
Exceed customer expectations with the best tasting, highest quality, humanely and sustainably produced eggs available.

Fleshing it out further:
“At Nellie’s Cage-Free Eggs, our family has been farming for four generations. We are totally committed—okay, a little obsessed—with bringing you the highest-quality, safest, and freshest eggs possible. We are a values-led company, dedicated to humane treatment of animals and small family farms, who we believe are the best stewards of environmental sustainability.”

And not only that, but they are a B-Certified Corporation and seem to understand the added brand value of leveraging this association.

"In 2013, we became America’s first egg producer to earn the “B-Corp Certified” designation as a For-Benefit Corporation, under the auspices of B-Labs.

When faced in the grocery store with the dozens of choices of eggs, (I couldn’t resist) you can be sure I’ll choose Nellie’s.

What other brands do you see who understand how to leverage their key attributes and values?

Light and life to all He brings.

Light and life to all He brings.

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#lbi #vacation #happyfourthofjuly

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Some Sons.

My conversation with Asher turned deep quickly this morning, causing me to both cry out to God in gratefulness and beg Him for mercy.

I was sharing with him that he was my only son, and that I wouldn’t trade him for any other boy in the world.

Asher: (giggling). “No other son, Mamma?”
Me: “Nope. You’re the one. My only son.”
Asher: (playfully jumping and giggling): “Like Jesus, Mamma?”
Me: “Like Jesus. God chose you to be my special, special son. And I am so, so glad.”
Asher: (practically dancing): “Me too, Mama. And I wouldn’t trade you either. Never, ever.”
Me: (dancing inside) “I’m glad”

Few seconds later, and Asher is sitting on the floor, looking serious:

Asher: “Mama?”
Me: “Yes?”
Asher: “Some sons don’t have Mammas,”
Me: “I know, honey.”
Asher: “And they cross the street all by themselves. Without even looking.”
Me: “That makes me sad, Asher.”
Asher: “And some sons die. (pause) Some sons died in Goma.
Me: “I know honey. And I’m so sorry about that.”

Few more seconds pass quietly.

Asher: (up and dancing again): “I’m sure glad I didn’t die.”
Me: “Me too, Asher. Oh, me too.”

God, thank you. God, will you send more Mammas?

PS - There was also a brief exchange, he made sure, about Phoebe, and how she was my only daughter, and how I wouldn’t trade her for any other girl in the world either.

Now That’s More Like It!

That’s what Phoebe said when she saw these guys coming:

How did she know to expect them?

Here’s what her Mama didn’t expect (and a potential note to parents of internationally adopted children):

When these guys start playing “God Bless America” and you start teaching the words, as yet unknown, to your children- and you get to the part that goes like this:

"God. Bless. A-mericAA… My home. sweet. home.”

… you just might find yourself unexpectedly crying.

And, later, when you watch your son literally skipping down the sidewalk, waving an imaginary flag, and embodying the word “parade”, causing even the grumpiest looking of onlookers to flash a grin, you’ll probably at least be tearing up.

All good. We love a parade.

If you haven’t seen this series for Dove, do yourself and the women in your life a favor, and spend 3 minutes watching. Talk about brand perception. Congrats to Ogilvy and Mather for a real winner, on so many levels.

Phoebe-ism: Wishing for Winter?

So, Phoebe was humming a little Christmas tune today. Then, she sang out the words: "Change the season to be holly….fa la la la la…".you know the rest.”

Asher quotables of the morning

"Speaking of which, Mama…. what does ‘speaking of which’ mean?"

"Look, I’m a grandhopper. I hop!"

Yes, Asher. You are a grand hoppper indeed.

Happy to announce the launch of my new site today. Let’s work together!